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list of RapidFile technical articles

Below is a short list of articles concerning the RapidFile database software, originally created by Miller Microcomputing and sold by Ashton Tate. The RapidFile software is still in use around the world and these articles are intended to help people continue to use it within a GNU/Linux environment or MS-Windows environment.


Rapidfile configuration
If you no longer have your Rapidfile manual, here are the most important things you need to know about configuring the software. Its all pretty simple stuff and easy to do.
Rapidfile limitations
Although Rapidfile is more than capable of handling many commercial and technical database tasks it is important to be aware of the limits. This page highlights some of the most important ones.
It is possible to print successfully from Rapidfile but not especially easy to get good results. This article has a few tips.
Rapidfile can be used reliably and quite easily within a GNU/Linux environment by making use of DOSemu or VirtualBox.
Windows XP
Rapidfile can be used within the DOS emulation box of most versions of Windows. Here are some notes for users of XP.
Windows 7
A report has been received of RapidFile running successfully in a Windows-7 environment using the DOSbox emulator available from No futher information is presently available
keyboard shortcuts
Many operations can be performed rapidly using keyboard short-cuts.

Getting a copy

Perhaps you were looking for a copy to download — that might infringe somebody's copyright and get you into trouble but, if you look hard enough, who knows what you might find ...