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software limits

A summary of RapidFile's known limitations.

Content revision history:
Document created: 2nd September 2010, adapted from a previous edition.
Updated 2nd November 2012.

The RapidFile database program has various internal limits to what it can cope with. The following restrictions are known ... most of them are taken from the manual.



Maximum database file size 10 megabytes according to the manual, but one user has reported using a file larger than 13.5 MB.
Number of records in a database 64,000
Record size 7,500 bytes
Maximum data in one field. 254 bytes if stored within the database file but 64,000 bytes if stored in an external memo file.
Number of fields in a database 250
Length of an expression in a field definition 240 bytes
Number of saved layouts and snapshots. 250 in total.
Memo size 64,000 bytes
Merge file record length 4,000 bytes
Files visible in directory listing 186
Keystrokes in a macro 240
Total macro keystrokes per macro type 1000 or thereabouts
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