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Using the RapidFile database with GNU/Linux

Basic instructions to use 20th century RF on a 21st century platform

The RapidFile database software was designed for the IBM PC-DOS platform and predates the entire Linux project by several years. While it is not possible to give RapidFile a 21st century interface, it is entirely possible to run RapidFile as a DOS application hosted on a GNU/Linux platform. In 2012 the author of this article was still regularly using for the sort of task at which RapidFile excels.
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Created 2nd September 2010.
Updated 2nd November 2012.


The RapidFile database program is DOS software and as such it cannot be run directly on any GNU/Linux based machine. In order to use RapidFile within a GNU/Linux environment it is necessary to somehow provide a DOS operating system. This can be accomplished with tools such as DOSemu, DOSBox or VirtualBox.

The website author has been running RapidFile in DOSemu on SuSE / Open SUSE platforms for years, and in November 2012 also received a report of RapidFile running without any known problems in DOSBox under Fedora 17 x64 edition.

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